Introducing DREEMZZBOX

We are a Team of Dads, Designers & also Creators of Ideas that changes the Status Quo.
With a rich experience in the Product Design field, we've had the chance to be surrounded by trustful & competent Partners that will help us deliver the Best of BUBLE.

More About Us
Fehmy & Monir

Friends, Dads & Entrepreneurs



Product Focus

Fehmy is a Product Designer By Birth, he literally begun to Draw the first time he walked!
You might find him alone in Parks or in Coffee shop focusing on drawing Magical Things.

The first BUBLE Drawing will explain you the rest.

Monir Elotmani

Business Focus

Monir is a jack of all trades, he analyzes everything around him.
Often with his head in the stars, he seeks to reinvent the world.
Curious and stubborn he will go to the end of things


The Companion

BUBLY is the Cutest friend your Kid will ever have.
BUBLY is meant to be the guide to all the adventures you Kids will experience through the animated stories.
You will find BUBLY with the toys, hugged as a plush and a travel bag.
BUBLY is everywhere.


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