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With BUBLE, Make Playtime stories come alive with our interactive mini-Projector with Figurine set!

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+3 years old, It Bring them the Best Digital Educational & Entertaining Experience, Away From Screens. Helping Them Learn & Play with the most Secure and Healthy way possible.

Who are struggling to keep their kids away from Screens, causing them stressful and sleepless night. these are The main results of Blue Light Exposure. BUBLE is the best alternative to screen, bringing the same funny digital experience to Bedtime.

We are Launching on Kickstarter soon ! Sign up now to get Access to our Early Bird Discount

As a parent, you want to give your child the best while also ensuring their safety. With our mobile app, you can do just that! Our app gives you the peace of mind you need by letting you supervise your kids' interests and monitor their usage of BUBLE. No more stress, just ease of use and a worry-free experience.

MERLION, Mom, Singapore

"I’ve just gotten my daughter a gift for Christmas and by the time yours arrive she will be more excited to play with BUBLE!"


Fehmy & Monir are more than just co-founders, They're dreamers, creators, and parents dedicated to enriching children's lives. 
Their mission is to make BUBLE the go-to companion for kids, offering a captivating and healthy alternative to traditional screens.

Got questions? we have answers!

What Age Group is BUBLE Designed For?

BUBLE is perfect for children aged +3 years old. Its user-friendly design and engaging content make it ideal for sparking young imaginations.

What Makes BUBLE Different from Other Children's Projectors?

BUBLE stands out with its interactive storytelling experience. Unlike traditional projectors, BUBLE uses special figurines (BUBLERs) to bring animated stories to life on your ceiling, creating a magical and immersive experience for kids. Plus, it's designed to be a healthier alternative to screen time.

What Kind of Stories Does BUBLE Offer?

BUBLE offers a wide range of Animated stories, from classic fairy tales to educational content. We continuously update our library so there's always something new to explore.

What is BUBLE's Policy on Screen Time and Children's Health?

with BUBLE, we prioritize children's health. Our projector is designed with no harmful blue light exposure, making it a safer alternative to traditional screens.

What's Kickstarter? How does that work?

Kickstarter is a place for launching all sorts of amazing new products, and it's where we'll be launching BUBLE projector. When you back a project on Kickstarter, you're helping to fund the development of a new product. In return, you get to be one of the first people to get your hands on it — and usually at a pretty big discount.

We are Launching on Kickstarter soon ! Sign up now to get Access to our Early Bird Discount

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